Prophetess Dr. Barbara Taylor

Dr. Barbara Taylor co-pastor Word of Life Ministries International alongside her husband, Apostle Dr. Ernest Taylor. Word of Life Ministries is a phenomenally progressive ministry, with an Apostolic and Prophetic edge which leads its people into the presence of God.

Dr. Barbara is a powerful speaker who flows under a profound prophetic anointing. She is an effective instrument of spiritual breakthrough and deliverance and is under a unique mandate from heaven to minister to hurt and broken-hearted. Annually, Dr. Ernest and Dr. Barbara host Word of Life’s Prophetic Prayer Gathering Conferences which reaches men and women from all over the globe.

Her life’s commitment to teach and preach the Gospel to God’s people has taken her across the country and to nations such as Africa and the E.U. Her servant’s heart has gone beyond the church’s four walls. She serves on several community committees, such as the Links, Incorporated – Habor Lites (IL) Chapter, and Today’s Gospel View. Dr. Barbara also established a customary School of the Prophet in her local ministry.

In 2005, Dr. Barbara was ordained to the office of Prophetess by Bishop Harold Calvin Ray of Redemptive Life Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach, FL. And then after serving in ministry for over 35 years, Dr. Barbara decided to return to school and receive her Doctoral degree in Biblical Studies. From this, Dr. Barbara continues to edify God’s people to strive to be the best she can be in the Lord in addition to forming a personal relationship and constant fellowship with Him.

After being miraculously healed from a rare brain condition that would normally leave victims paralyzed, she takes every opportunity to share her life-changing testimony with others. Along with Dr. Ernest, Dr. Barbara’s desire to strengthen the people of God produced The Houston Taylor Foundation. In honor of both of their parents who lost their lives to cancer and diabetes, the goal of this foundation is to educate and provide financial assistance to those affected by these diseases. They are overwhelmed and excited about what the Lord is doing in the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Barbara’s acts of service in ministry and the community has received her numerous honorable recognitions and awards from highly-acclaimed local and national organizations such as the Most Influential Leader of Lake County and the Harambee awards.

Though she recognizes how she is blessed, Dr. Barbara realizes that none of those would be possible without the help and guidance of her Lord and Savior. Cultivating her life with prayer, praise and worship, her love for her family is very evident. She has been married to Dr. Ernest for over 42 years. They are proud parents of two daughters, Tonjia Denise Taylor, Scoletta Cherelle Montgomery and their son-in-law David C. Montgomery; all of whom work diligently in the ministry. Dr. Ernest and she are beaming grandparents of Darius, David Ernest and Destiny.

Dr. Barbara strives to be an ambassador to the Kingdom of God. She wants her message and her life testimony to be an inspiration to all those that come in contact with her.