About Us

Pastors Ernest and Barbara Taylor are the founders of Word of Life Ministries, a unique ministry in which God truly manifests His glory. They are a powerful husband and wife ministry team stomping the devil every chance they get.

Word of Life Ministries is a trailblazing house of worship, with pastors who dare to believe in God. It is a ministry that promotes reconciliation and redemption. The gift of mercy and the spirit of compassion are evident in both Pastors’ Ernest and Barbara’s life as they endeavor to seek and save those who are lost through their Men and Women’s Fellowship, Youth, and Prison Ministries. They are firm believers in the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastors Taylor convey a strong message when explaining the urgency of what God has called them to do. “We cannot save all but we must save all that we can.” This statement corresponds with their mission; “to promote and establish the Christian faith in the life of men and women through preaching and teaching of God’s words as its foundation to the establishment and maintenance of the church.”

Pastor Ernest and Barbara Taylor have been married for over 32 years and are parents of two daughters: Scoletta (David) Montgomery and Tonjia Taylor. They are proud grandparents to three grand-children: Darius Russelle, David Ernest Montgomery, and Destiny Montgomery. Pastor Ernest accepted his call to ministry in 1980 and became an ordained Minister in 1984. Both he and Pastor Barbara became ordained Elders in 1990. In October 1998, while serving as Elders in another ministry, the Lord impressed upon them to begin their own ministry, thus fulfilling a prophecy that was spoken in 1978 that they would one day become Pastors of a progressive church in Lake County. Word of Life Ministries was established October 18, 1998, and as the Holy Spirit moved upon the service 19 members came forth to join.

Word of Life Ministries began its services in the basement of a now demolished Legion Hall. In November of 2001, they purchased their first church building in Beach Park, Illinois where services are currently held.

God has truly revealed His glory through Pastor Ernest’s exciting personality and fiery preaching coupled with the tremendous prophetic anointing that has rested upon Pastor Barbara’s life. Within three years, they have watched their ministry expand from 19 members to over 200 members and it continues to grow both numerically and spiritually.

In January of 2003, By His Spirit Ministries located in Merriville, Indiana, where the Pastors are Larry and Torrona Tillman, became Word of Life Ministries first sister church with Pastors Taylor as their overseers.

You will be blessed as you receive this anointed husband and wife ministry.